Invited Speakers

  • Núria Busquets, Spain
    Use of arbovirus surveillance as an early warning system
  • Juana Diéz , Spain
    Translatome analyses of arbovirus-cell interactions
  • Esteban Domingo , Spain
    Antivirals and viral evolution
  • Jordi Figuerola Borras, Spain
    One world-one health: the environment side
  • Robert Gallo, USA
    Retroviruses: a long story to date
  • Youngmee Jee , South Korea
  • Marion Koopmans, Netherlands
    Anticipation and Preparedness task force
  • Enric Mateu , Spain
    Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus
  • Masao Matsouka, Japan
    HTLV-1 task force
  • Johan Neyts , Belgium
    Antivirals, a lot has been achieved, yet a long way to go
  • Amelia Nieto , Spain
    One world-one health: the human side
  • Albert Osterhaus , Germany
    One world-one health: the animal side
  • Vicente Pallás, Spain
    RNA methylation modulates the infection of a plant RNA virus
  • Malik Peiris , China
    Influenza viruses
  • María Jesús Pérez Pérez , Spain
    Developing of antivirals; the perspective of a medicinal chemist
  • Thomas Rasmussen , Australia
    New immunotherapeutic approaches to eliminate HIV persistence on antiretroviral therapy?
  • Ray Schinazi , USA Confronting
    HIV, HBV and Emerging viruses with innovative therapeutics
  • Marco Vignuzzi , France
    Viral evolution and emerging viruses
  • Scott Weaver, USA
    Zika task force


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